Alexandra writes features for horse magazines, is regularly quoted in articles on horse nutrition and writes articles for her website and newsletter.

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As featured in horse magazines:

'Q&A about Horse Care', Horse Magazine March 2016 issue. [PDF, 206KB]

'Get the balance right', Horse Magazine November 2015 issue. [PDF, 219KB]

'Natural Instinct', Horse Magazine June 2015 issue. [PDF, 129KB]

'Starch: Friend or Foe?', Horse Magazine Spring 2015 issue. [PDF, 148KB]

'Fabulous Fibre', Horse Magazine March 2015 issue. [PDF, 221KB]

'Wellbeing - A big issue' (quoted), Horse&Rider May 2015 issue. [PDF, 3.7MB]

'Feeding First' (quoted), Horse&Rider Spring 2015 issue. [PDF, 674KB]

'Respiratory supplements' (quoted), Horse Magazine February 2015 issue. [PDF, 98KB]

'Health myths' (quoted), Horse Magazine January 2015 issue. [PDF, 300KB]

Online articles

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