As an independent horse nutritionist, Alex provides the following services.

Furthermore, you can sign up to her newsletter and send in a question to feature.

Also, Alex has decided to increase her impact on horse health by creating a useful resource on horse feeding. She provides a feeding system through her book 'Natural Feeding for Horses'.

"I have a simple question..."

This express-version gives you a pre-booked phone call of 10 minutes for £10. This low-budget option gives you answers to one and maybe two questions. An especially good option if you are looking for an alternative feed or if you have a specific question. Get your paper and pen ready and let's get started!

Costs: £10
Duration: 10 minutes
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"I want to have my roughage analysed..."

Roughage analysis
If you want to know the nutritional profile of your roughage, this is for you. I will send you instructions together with sample bags and a freepost envelope for sending to the laboratory.

This analysis includes:

  • D value and Metabolisable Energy (ME)
  • Neutral Detergent Fibre (NDF)
  • Ash
  • Oil
  • Dry Matter (DM)
  • Crude Protein (CP)
  • Sugar
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Chloride
  • Iodine
  • Cation-Anion balance
Costs: £75
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"I want my horse's requirements covered..."

eNutrition check
Rest assured your horse gets the nutrients he/she needs. I will not need to visit your horse at the yard, which makes this a very cost-effective nutritional consultation. You provide all the data I need and I evaluate your feeding program.


  • Analysis of one roughage (£75 for any additional roughage)
  • Diet plan
  • Telephone consultation (15 minutes) to discuss outcome of report
  • A check-up phone call after 4 weeks

Costs: £115 (includes one roughage analysis)
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"I want to have my horse looked at..."

In-person consultation
Having me come round means accessing all my expertise as an animal scientist to help improve your horse’s health and happiness. I assess nutrition, stabling practice and the meadow. Knowing the situation and what the possibilities are, I can then formulate a plan that takes into consideration changes in exercise and pasture. You will receive a report afterwards with a feeding plan, accompanied with a phone call to make sure everything is understood. A follow-up phone call after four weeks to see how you get on is also included. Altogether, the in-person consultation is more about optimising horse health alongside meeting nutritional requirements, in contrast to just meeting nutritional requirements alone.

The in-person consultation includes:

  • Formulation of goals with the owner
  • Assessment of your horse's feed (i.e. concentrates and supplements, but also of the types of plants in roughage and meadow)
  • Analysis of one roughage (£75 for any additional roughage)
  • Assessment of feeding practice with respect to the physical and psychological demands of horses
  • A posted and/or emailed personal diet plan after the consultation
  • A short phone call to make sure the diet plan is understood
  • A follow-up phone call after four weeks to see if further assessment is needed

Costs: £145 (includes one roughage analysis of £75) Excl travel costs
Discount for multiple horses on one location
Duration: 1 hour
South East UK only
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"Can you guide me over the year?"

Annual membership
Annual membership
The annual membership gives you:

  • 1 in-person consultation
  • 3 eNutrition checks
  • 4 roughage analyses
  • 12 phone calls (15 minutes each)
  • Email support for quick questions

Costs: £600 (excl travel costs for in-person consultation
South East UK only. Valid for 12 months.
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I have written features and been quoted multiple times by horse magazines (see here). Please contact me if you are looking for an interesting feature on horse health and nutrition.